Rizzolo Guitar Company - Handmade Australian Guitars

Rizzolo Guitar Company makes beautiful, richly toned guitars for individual players using the finest materials available.  

Based in Melbourne, Gary Rizzolo has been involved in the music industry from the mid sixties which led to a passion for guitars.

Qualifications include a Diploma of Teaching - TCAE and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - University of Tasmania.

Gary is a Master Instrument maker and Craftsman with over 40 years experience.  

"I come from a family of Artisans, an Italian/Australian background - My father played the Piano Accordion and his brother played the Guitar.

"As a kid I saw and held a beautiful Archtop guitar which belonged to my Uncle.

"The richness and beauty of that instrument has stayed with me.

"Europeans have been historically very fine instrument makers and they have a natural flair for design.

"I am grateful for that heritage and I have been making things out of wood for as long as I can remember.

"As well being a furniture Designer and Maker, I have extensive instrument repair and restoration experience which is invaluable in the making of guitars.

"The instruments that I make have developed from this background and are often a collaborative effort between player and maker and this tends to produce unique instruments.

"The finest European and American master grade tone woods are used as well as Tasmania's beautiful tonal timbers.

"High gloss finishes from natural to a range of tinted colours are available."

Rizzolo guitars are played and can be found all over the world.

Gary Rizzolo is committed to building serious instruments of the highest quality.