Rizzolo Guitars

The Rizzolo Guitars book

“A huge thank you to everyone who has purchased my book… it is now sold out.” - Gary Rizzolo - 40x40 (1979 - 2019) is a photographic book of forty guitars selected from forty years of guitar-making.

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Shane Pacey

Bondi Cigars

At first glance the SP Super Series guitar built for me by the redoubtable Mr. Rizzolo bears superficial resemblance to a well-known guitar that has long been associated with me. Certainly its shape and basic pick-up configuration follow the template of that legendary instrument, but there the resemblances end.

Its delicious birds-eye maple top and mahogany body line it up more with the classic stylings of a Gibson, but in its detail and finishing it stands completely alone.

Andy Page

Recording engineer

I have just finished recording in LA for Alanis Morissette and used my Rizzolo guitar. In the studio it was sonically perfect.